• Sunshine and Wind:

    Here’s why micro wind turbines and solar are a match made in the UK: Of course, careful planning is key.[…]

  • Industrial Work

    Installing some ladder racking for new generator supply cables. Generator sited, just the final connections needed.

  • Wind Turbine

    We are investing in a wind turbine to complement one of our own solar and battery installations. We can’t wait[…]

  • New EV Charger model

    We’ve just installed the new APEX Project EV charger for one of our local customers and we’re impressed with the[…]

  • Solar with Skirt.

    Here’s another completed solar installation, our customer requested skirting for aesthetic reasons on this one.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    Did you know we install EV Charging points?

  • Battery Storage for Solar Panel Systems

    We can now retrofit battery storage to your existing solar panels. Stop sending unused power to the grid and store[…]